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For more than 11 years we have helped thousands of people with their
style and wardrobe issues, guiding them on how to look fantastic.

The majority of the following testimonials have been received unsolicited.
They are just a sample of the many thank you emails that we receive every week.

Hey Cindy

Thanks again for another great shop. 

Just wanted to let you know that I got at least 5 comments at school pick up about how good I looked (had chucked on the Kookai long line t over jeans) - already feeling great and I wasn’t even trying! Thank you!!!

Also, thought you might like to see the reasoning I used when explaining to Paul (hubby) how important your service has become to me. This is taken from an actual email to him and his response is underneath in red – again testimony to just how valuable and life changing your services can be.

Have a lovely birthday tomorrow.


PS – Oh, and definitely put me on your list of models for your shows – I think it would be a fantastic experience!

Email excerpt:  

I really think shopping with Cindy made a difference in Winter in the following ways:

  • Did not spend nearly as much money as I would have had I shopped ad hoc

  • Did not spend nearly as much energy as I would have had I shopped ad hoc

  • No mistakes (resulting in returns, wasted time, lay-be charges etc)

  • Did not spend time deciding what to wear

  • Did not spend emotional energy deciding what to wear

  • Gave me a sense of control and clarity around my wardrobe and my spending

  • Increased my confidence

  • Honesty and accountability around my spending increased significantly

  • Tension between us concerning my spending on clothes decreased significantly

I love it!  That is very impressive reasoning.  On a serious note, I do actually agree with what you’re saying. 

Hi Cindy

We went shopping last October and it has taken me this long to write to you. I have thought about writing many times but it seems to be quite emotional for me.

What a wonderful job you do!! Not only did I have a fantastic time shopping with you - it was such a major shot of confidence.

The clothes we bought were AMAZING and I cannot tell you how many compliments I received on my outfits that we purchased. Everyday at work people commented on my wardrobe and my efforts were really noticed. It became a running joke in the office as to "another new outfit"!! I am not sure if you remember but we went shopping at Target because I ran out of money and purchased a number of dresses. Well, those dresses have received the most compliments of all!! Everytime I wore a "Target" dress it was guaranteed compliments.

So, I just want to say a big big thank you and let you know that you are amazing. You have truly made a difference to my life.

I am really looking forward to the style review on the 23rd - very excited.

Thanks again


"She said that I looked slimmer"

Hi Cindy,

It was Mark Twain who said, "Clothes maketh the man", but I say, clothes have been the making of this woman. I can't believe the difference a 'Shop with Cindy' experience has made in my life. I recently attended an interstate wedding event where I was with a group of people I had never met for a few days before, during and after the wedding. People complimented me on various aspects of every outfit I wore over those few days and I even overhead someone saying, "Oh, she always looks good!". About me!! I nearly cried (in a good-cry way). What an amazing experience for someone that has gone through their life looking (and feeling) like a total dag!

However, that wasn't all. My mother came to meet me at a shopping centre yesterday and didn't recognise me until I waved to her. She said that I looked slimmer and ... well, better than she'd ever seen me look. This was the same mother who had expressed reservations about the ability of clothes to change anything when I told her I'd booked a shopping expedition. What a turnaround!

The main thing I've noticed is the confidence. When my boss rang to book me in for a business development meeting recently, my first thought was not a despairing, "What am I going to wear?"  but a triumphant, "I know exactly what I'm going to wear and I know I'm going to look good".

Cindy, I can't thank you enough so I won't even try.

It was an empowering, positive emotional experience to go shopping with you and I hope it won't be the last time I do it. What a great investment.

Roll on Summer wardrobe :-)

Christine Brown

Yarra Junction

"All the girls at work were very impress with all my purchases"

Dear Cindy,

I would just like to thank you so much for Monday helping me so much. I am so happy with all my new clothes and shoes.

All the girls at work were very impress with all my purchases. The dress for the wedding is a style that I love but always thought I was to big too wear that style, I can't wait for my holiday to wear the rest. You will see me again maybe for a winter wardrobe.

Once again thank you and you are a star (*).

Have a great day :)
Sue Holland

"Cindy, I did appreciate your honest feedback and your kind nature"

Thanks so much, Cindy.  I had a great time shopping with you on Friday.  You are just the sort of person I need to keep me on track with my wardrobe and look.  You would be very proud of me today as I threw out 6 garbage bags of my "old" clothes. Must be the incentive to tidy out the wardrobe after "investing" so much on Friday!!!  I can't wait to pick up my new clothes next week.  

I can see myself checking out your website from time to time for tips... I hope I don't fall back into my old habits. 

I've told my family that if they ever want ideas for my birthday, they can contribute to another wardrobe/shopping session for me with you!  

Cindy, I did appreciate your honest feedback and your kind nature.  It meant a lot to me.  I feel I now have someone "in my corner" who I can call upon for help and advice.  You are very good at what you do. 

Thanks again for your friendship throughout this wonderful experience. 

Fran Xxx

"The whole experience was just fabulous!"

Hi Cindy, 

Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon yesterday – it was just amazing and I had a great time. 

I’m SO happy with all the things I purchased. Went home and modelled them all for my partner who was very impressed and really happy for me. 

I’ve only got a few days left at work before I go on holiday so I’ve decided to keep the big unveiling of the “new me” until I get back. I’ll be pulling my wardrobe to pieces this weekend and making a list of all the things I want to get overseas. Lots of things that don’t conform to my new “rules” will be finding a new home I’m sure! 

The makeup session was lovely too – learned some things and got some good tips and ideas for what suits me. 

The whole experience was just fabulous! 

Thanks again and I’m sure I’ll be in touch when I get back – I could definitely use a shopping session to get my summer wardrobe sorted!!! 

Madeleine Marshall

"We could not believe what you achieved for us in just 2 hours"

Hi there Danai,
Thank you so much for your help for both Mum and I last Wednesday. You were absolutely amazing and we could not believe what you achieved for us in just 2 hours. If it was up to us in would of been more like 3 days, sore feet and then getting home and thinking "What was I thinking buying that!!!" 

We are planning on going to Melbourne twice a year for some great shopping so we will be in touch with yourself and Cindy to get you all booked again for us.
Once again., thank you so much. 
All the very best for your new arrival - you will make a wonderful Mum! 

 Kind regards Leisa 

"I can honestly say that I have never really felt this way before"

Hi Cindy, 

I have to tell you that Saturday was perhaps the most confronting and the most rewarding experience that I have ever had in my life!

Since Saturday I have implemented as many of the tips you gave me as I can every day. I dress every day in a way that makes me feel proud of myself right now. I feel pretty, and I feel acceptable. This is pretty huge for me, as I can honestly say that I have never really felt this way before, not even on either of my wedding days.

But what I think is even more remarkable is that I have been shopping a number of times since Saturday, and I didn't feel depressed once! I realized yesterday, that every time I entered a shopping centre I felt overwhelmed by all the things I couldnt wear because I was too fat and nothing looked good on me. What you helped me realise is that there is specific gems out there and now that I know exactly what to look for, it has become a treasure hunt!!!

I found some ankle boots that look fantastic, fit the guidelines you suggested, are in my size, and are super comfortable - best if all they were on a super sale! I also found two necklaces that fit the bill perfectly and were also a bargain price.

I now feel excited to be shopping on a regular basis because I can take every opportunity to look around for that perfect gem in amongst the rubble and it's become something fun to do rather then a horrible chore that I have to endure.

And perhaps best of all, I have lost 2kgs since Saturday - without even trying. The jeans I bought on Saturday that were a little on the tight side now fit perfectly !!!!

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. 

Breanna Iwaszko 

"I just LOVE my new clothes and the way they mix 'n' match!"

Hi Cindy,

Just a quick email to say thanks so much for your help today - you and your amazing "fashion eye"!

I came home and modelled everything for Viviana, my daughter-dearest, and she was MOST impressed.

I just LOVE my new clothes and the way they mix 'n' match!
And both skirts look fabulous with my long boots.

AND.... the black jacket I've had for several years that I bought from The Little Shop on the Hill (it's by Geoff Bade), that is more conservative than the one you chose for me, also looks terrific - particularly with the sleeves rolled up! So I can use that to mix 'n' match as well! Actually, I have quite a number of things that go with a lot of the pieces I bought. So once again Cindy, thanks so much! I'm absolutely thrilled!

Even though the clothes from Veronica Maine are elegant and you would wear them more when going out etc, I'm going to get full enjoyment from them and sometimes wear SOME of them to uni (I'll wear the skirts with boots).

I think I might pop into The Ark and see whether they have some appropriate casual slacks. A couple of pairs of these and a new pair of black high-heeled shoes and I'll be able to forget about clothes shopping for a while! 

OK. I better run.

I look forward to receiving your email and wish you all the very very best until next time.
And I'll be most happy to recommend you to anyone who comments on my gorgeous new outfits!

Stay happy and well.

Warmest & Best,

Glen Iris Vic

"Danai is very easy to get along with and extremely efficient" 
Hi Cindy,
Just a quick note to thank Danai for the very enjoyable and productive shop yesterday.  I purchased 12 items, all of which I am very pleased with.  It was extremely fortuitous that Ojay had a 40% one day only sale which saved me hundreds of dollars.  Danai is very easy to get along with and extremely efficient which means that we can get a lot done in the allocated time.
Thank you
Rachel Barnard

"I feel you could safely add 'morale booster' to your areas of expertise"
Dear Cindy,
Tomorrow, it will be one year since my friend and I first met you at your workshop, and what a difference you made to our lives! 

You proved to be such an irrepressible bundle of passion when it came to sharing your love and knowledge of fashion, we couldn't help but be inspired by your enthusiasm. 

I was facing many challenges in my life at that point in time (yep, even more serious than my wardrobe blunders!), and your skill and encouragement led me to try options I'd never have considered. The wonderful part was that, as much as I loved the updated look, I was even more appreciative of the confidence that returned to me. 

Cindy, I feel you could safely add 'morale booster' to your areas of expertise.  

I left Melbourne late last year and now live in New Zealand, but would love the opportunity to shop with you again one day when I pop over to visit. No plans at this stage, but a gal has to dream!  

Kindest regards,

"I look amazing and I feel small!!"
Hi Cindy!

Wow!!!!! That is all that will come out of my mouth at the moment! I am having a little styling montage with myself and the dogs and..... Wow!!! For the first time in my entire life I am really loving my body, my shape, my weight!!! I look amazing and I feel small!! Thank you sooooo much! You have opened me up to a whole new world and I look forward to expanding my new wardrobe! Wow! Who woulda thought....

Just wanted to share that with you!

Sharn Day

"My wife was very impressed"

Hi Cindy

Just letting you know yesterday's shopping expedition was great and so easy.
Denai was very helpful and efficient and we managed to come up with plenty of different combinations of outfits in no time. All stylish of course. Best of all my wife was very impressed with the outcome so much so don't be surprised if she is on the phone to you soon for a booking.

All the best until next time
Ashley Hunt

"It certainly was exactly what I needed"

OMG   Thanks you so much Cindy, I put away my new clothes and they are just a rainbow of colours. My friends couldn't get round here quick enough to see them, they thought they were fantastic.  

               It certainly was exactly what I needed, it has opened my eyes to a whole new world of fashion. I even went and bought new gym wear in my new colour range.
Thought I would give the heel idea a workout Saturday morning up the street, I had a lot of positive comments. My friends are saying I have an all new attitude.

Please book me in for my next seasons shop, can't wait.

Thanks again, keep up the great work. 

Julie Sevior


"The most important aspect of the day for me was rediscovering my confidence and style"

Hi Cindy
It has taken me over three weeks to respond to you but hey, better late than never!!
Well, thank you so much.  I certainly found the experience fun and rewarding however the most important aspect of the day for me was rediscovering my confidence and style which is exactly what I needed.  Thank you so much for reminding me of how important it is to care for yourself and to make an effort in your appearance - I cannot believe I even forgot this in the first place!  Motherhood!!
However, I am really pleased to advise that I am certainly back on track.  I remember during our consultation that you stated that the experience can just be a shopping expedition or I can use it as an opportunity to really make change - I have taken the path of the latter.  I am really making an effort to look after myself and take pride in my appearance and as a result my confidence has grown immensely.
You will be happy to know that even days that I am predominantly at home I bother to "dress up a bit" and have banished the daggy track pants and baggy sweatshirt to very occasional wear!!  I cannot believe how much better I feel in doing that.
I also wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with the clothes that we purchased.  All the items are fantastic and I have received very positive feedback.
So, thank you so much, the experience was worth every cent as it enabled me to get back to my true self.  My only regret is that I am unable to do heaps of shopping due to my limited budget!!
Thanks again.
Melissa Hunter

"I was a bit apprehensive before we started"

Hi Cindy,
Just a quick note to thank you so much for yesterdays style makeover. I was a bit apprehensive before we started but your friendly manner quickly erased all those fears. 

I love all my clothes and shoes. My daughter (Tayla) was pretty impressed with the choices and couldn't believe the bargains we got.

Tayla took me out for lunch today into my new black shorts, my frilled top, shoes and new handbag and off we went, I felt so confident, I know that I am going to look pretty good in America.
Once again thank you so much Cindy 
Tracey Leaumont
Clifton Springs

"I felt totally supported and safe with you"

Thank you so much for our shopping adventure this week. Aside from the fact that it was a fantastic learning experience for me, I really enjoyed it (and I normally HATE shopping!)

I was completely absorbed in what you were doing so I could learn the what, and how to, wear styles that suit me and my lifestyle. So if I looked serious, or vague it was me concentrating.

Most importantly, I felt totally supported and safe with you. It was a very sensitive and personal experience for me to go through this process as you may be aware. You were professional, kind and demonstrated upmost integrity. Somehow Cindy, you managed to strip me down to almost nothing and yet still left me with my dignity. I am truly grateful and appreciative. Thank you. I really do feel like a new woman. 

Regarding your question if I would "model" in your next show. It scares me silly but yes, I will if the offer is still open. I would love to play with A.Hill clothes and strut my "new" stuff in front of a crowd. 

Its also another chance to go shopping at one of my fav stores, so I would be mad to say anything else but yes.  (Understand if you have secured someone else). 

Thanks a million again Cindy. You truly are a style angel!


Sam : )

"Your knowledge & understanding of body shapes & image is truly phenomenal"

Hi Cindy

Just want to say thank you for an absolutely fantastic day today.  You made everything so easy and I couldn't be happier with my new wardrobe.  It has been a great way to spend my birthday.

Your knowledge & understanding of body shapes & image is truly phenomenal and you gave me some fantastic advice that I will follow everyday.  And I will certainly change my hairstyle to what you have suggested. 

I can't wait to do it again for my winter wardrobe.

Once again thank you.

Sue Ludge
Narre Warren North

My wife was impressed with the "look"

Hi Cindy,

Just a brief note to give you an overdue thanks for our shopping spree nearly 2 weeks ago. Of course, as we both expected, the mini fashion parade of my clothes when I got home went down well.

My wife was impressed with the "look" that you'd help create, that was a void in my previous wardrobe - and I've had a number of comments about my new outfits (and I am not used to that!).... but what *really* worked, was yesterday, as I was doing an NLP course with TCI. (Today is Day 3 of 7). On Day 2, the facilitator was speaking of Primary Representational Systems, and commented that there were 3 really Visual people on the course - and named me as one of them!

I had to level with the facilitator in the next break, that I was actually as Auditory Digital as they come, and I'd had a stylist (you, Cindy!) "fix" my wardrobe to appeal to my new client market.

I can't think of a better compliment, than to tell you of our "slight of dress".

Thanks again Cindy! 

Ian Brunswick

"I've had a lot of comments with my new clothes"

Hi Cindy, 

Just want to say again a big thank you for helping me with my new wardrobe.  I'm wearing 1 of the tops now and it feels so nice on.  Also, I've had a lot of comments with my new clothes.  I feel now that is 1 area of my life that is in order and doesn't need to be stressed over anymore. 

I told my daughter, Kate, that I went shopping with a Personal Stylist and she was sooooo excited for me and loved all the clothes I bought.  If the shoes were a bit bigger I think she would have borrowed them on a permanent basis. 

I had lots of fun with are a pocket dynamo and very blunt.....but that's the way I like it.....but very caring about people, especially me.  I couldn't believe how easy it was for me to throw my gear off and be willing to stand in my underwear ready for the beautiful clothes to be fitted on.  It's amazing what women do for clothing.   

Many thanks again and I'm going to book in to see you in April to come down from Brissie to go shopping with you on your own turf. 

Thanks, thanks, thanks you're such a sweetie. 

Lots of Love 

Ann Martin

Cindy has changed my life!

Hi Cindy, 

I am back at work and loving my new wardrobe.  It has given my self confidence a definite boost.  I have never received so many compliments in my life. I really am taking the time and giving my daily wear more thought. 

I never did write a piece for your website but can you please add this from me 

Cindy has changed my life! I am more than happy to share my wonderful experience with you.  Please call me 0412 630 668  Melissa Cooper 

Thank you again and again!! 

Look forward to seeing you in the future.


Melissa Cooper

"Everyone at school wants to book in with you"

Thank you so much Cindy!                

I thoroughly enjoyed the shopping experience with you and have already received so many compliments on my new LOOK. It was so much fun and, after being so nervous about it, I found the whole day fantastic. So thank you once again and I will try to keep the tips close at hand.

Leah was also great and my hair turned out a treat, she is fabulous....... thank you again, everyone at school wants to book in with you.

Jenny Wright

"All the items you selected for me were perfect"

Hi Cindy

Thank you for a wonderful experience and a day I will never forget.  You are a very impressive person with an exceptional talent and great people skills. 

Liz was very impressed with what you have done for me yet alone putting up with me for shopping for the time that you gave me. 

All the items you selected for me were perfect and ever time I will wear them people will comment on my good taste in clothes which will give me a great lead into introducing you and your business Style with Cindy. 

Next time I go shopping for clothes I will call on you again. 

Once again thank you for what you have done for me. 


"This has been much more than an exercise in styling"

Hi Cindy

Just a quick not to say thanks for the wardrobe session.

I've noticed that I’m already feeling a bit more confident about how I’m dressing (even within my currently limited range). My husband thinks I’m walking straighter!  He’s absolutely delighted because he knows I was struggling with my self-image. I've also had comments from people, who can't quite work out what I've done to myself.  I tell them I've been ‘Cindyed’!

This has been much more than an exercise in styling. It’s already proving therapeutic, giving me the courage to get rid of clothing that just didn’t work but also to challenge the habits of thinking in regard to clothes and how I see myself. 

I’m really looking forward to the shopping.


Lucia Nardo

"You made the whole process efficient and painless"

Here I am, Cindy...the new me!  Well not quite...My husband says a leopard can't change his spots o/night!   

Couldn't sleep last night...think the adrenalin rush of the afternoon was still kicking in and then I started panicking about what I had bought!  Do you realize that is the FIRST  time ever that I have not looked at prices or the workmanship details of the garments?  That was freaking me out last night.  

I had been a little wary, a little nervous but you put me at ease.  The afternoon was such an exciting rollercoaster but I  quickly felt confident in the knowledge that I was in the hands of a professional who cared and was honest.  It  was such a big thing to hand myself over to you...I hate shopping and I especially hate shopping with other people!   I was bowled over by the things you said about me and that gave me further reassurance.  

I LOVED THE made the whole process efficient and painless.   On my own, I would have quickly become disappointed and frustrated, the experience  would have become a desultory, tiring one ending in purchasing nothing.

My husband LOVES EVERYTHING..... He loved the fashion parade and wants to know when I'm going back to you.  The VERY best buys are the shoes and the trench.  I adore them.  But having said that, I do love everything. 

AN ENORMOUS THANK YOU.  I appreciated the extra time you stayed to complete the task.  

Lucia was lovely at KIT...I especially liked the way she helped me with how to do the makeup for aging skin.




"I seriously can’t believe how good I feel"

Hi Cindy,

Just wanted to say a HUGE Thank you!!  It was so great shopping with you and I think part of my exhaustion after the 3 hour session was exhilaration!! 

I seriously can’t believe how good I feel and although I haven’t worn the clothes yet as I’ve been back at work, I just feel awesome knowing they’re in my wardrobe. 

The experience I’ve had has made me realize just how good I am and how great I can look in the right style of clothes.  I don’t know if words can quite describe just how amazing I feel after your help to transform my wardrobe  – I always knew clothes made a difference but didn’t quite realize they could make me feel great on the inside as well as the outside.

Anyway I was hoping you still had a spot I can book (preferably a weekend) to book a “2 hour summer wardrobe overhaul” in October when you’re up this way?? 

Hope to hear from you soon

Many thanks Cindy

I think you’re discreet yet brilliant!!

Annie Cuthbertson 


"I was so excited with the fit and how I looked"

Hi Cindy,
I would like to thank you for yesterday's shopping trip. It was truly a valuable experience. I hope I wasn't too much hard work for you!!!!
You will be happy to know that when I got home, I laid all my purchases on the bed and tried them all on again.... I was so excited with the fit and how I looked in all the different items I purchased. (especially the vest and the black dress!) 
This experience for me is the beginning of a journey. I am sure that your input yesterday and your styling tips will help me to re-gain the confidence that I once had. I have gone to work today and already feel more confident in the way I look and hold myself. You certainly had an impact on me.
I will definitely take your advice about making sure I spend more time on myself, including my hair! 
Cindy, again I would like to thank you for helping me with my personal styling needs. You have given me the motivation to take care of ME!
Kind Regards,

"Most of all I think I have my self esteem back "

Dear Cindy,

It's one week down the track and I can't thank you enough for the wonderful experience I have had with you!  I have enjoyed mixing up my new clothes and have stepped out feeling confident and more importantly so happy with how I look - a feeling that I haven't had day-after-day for a long time!!! 

My hair has also been done and Leah was fantastic!!!  So, a brand new me! I have had so many comments - even on the first night after shopping I had a stranger come up to me at swimming and ask where I got my boots from!!!!

Most of all I think I have my self esteem back about how I present myself - and that is actually the best bit of all - and priceless!!!

I wish you the very best in delivering what is such a fantastic service!


"I have so many combinations I never ever feel frumpy or overdressed"

Hi Cindy, 

Its been a week of WOW, WOW, WOW! I am having so much fun with my new clothes. 

Yesterday I received 5 compliments on how well I looked…. Everything matches so well and I have so many combinations I never ever feel frumpy or overdressed. My new attitude is “IT’S THEIR PROBLEM – GET OVER IT” ! Thank you for bringing out the REAL ME! I have never felt better and feel like the world is at my feet. My confidence has soared immensely.

I would like to get in early and book a summer wardrobe shop so could you please advise me when the best time is to do that to get the best clothes and a slice of Cindy time. 

Thanks again and by the way I am wearing my grey pants today with two ALLANAH HILL tops and my red heels… yes I am wearing pants Cindy.

Have a great weekend and by the way thanks for the style report, that was a nice surprise.

Kindest Regards
Elizabeth Casey

"He thinks I look stunning"

Hi Cindy

Thank you so much for today!  I just love my new things and I think I will feel more confident trying on stuff that I wouldn’t have dreamed of before. 

I tried my new stuff on with my old stuff that I kept and it looks good, too.  However, even more old things are on the chuck-out pile now as they look seriously tired next to my new friends. 

Will definitely go for the Metallica/us(?) stuff and have already decided I need a new chunky black woollen top.  

Ray was blown away by everything and patiently sat while I showed him every possible combination.  He thinks I look stunning.  We both cannot believe how good the jeans and black cords are – I’m almost embarrassed to wear them they look so good....but, of course, I will!!! 

Thank you for your patience – I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and think I came across as if I wasn’t enjoying myself.  I really was though – it’s a big psychological change for me as well.  Thank you, thank you!

Kangaroo Ground


"I definitely needed a pick-me-up" 

I had just reached a milestone birthday (not my 30th),  I had been pregnant or getting over being pregnant for the last 5 years and I had gone back to work and had to manage a new team.  I felt my clothes were dated and I definitely needed a pick-me-up. 

I decided to treat myself and Googled personal stylist and came up with Cindy.  Cindy came over and looked over my wardrobe.  She first listened to what I wanted – to dress with a bit more edge and to supplement my mostly black wardrobe, I wanted to feel good about myself. 

She gave me a lot of constructive advice and actually made me see what was right and wrong for me.  I did what I needed to do a long time ago – get rid of a lot of my wardrobe that I did not use.

A few weeks later we headed to my Mecca, Chadstone, for a day of shopping.  I walked away with a whole new wardrobe, spending double what I planned to, but I felt good about everything and I was exhausted! 

Cindy also introduced me to make-up, something I always thought was too hard.  I wanted to apply make-up but couldn’t afford two much time with 3 young girls.  I now  apply make-up in 5 minutes in the morning before work. 

A few months down the track and I have had so many comments about my clothes (I wonder how bad I really was) and that I have lost weight, which as I have found, is really about wearing what fits. 

I now walk into shops knowing the style of clothes that will suit me best.  Thank-you Cindy, for giving me confidence and that edge when it comes to clothing.   You made me feel really comfortable and positive about the whole experience.  I look forward to shopping for a summer wardrobe with you.

Wendy Alweyn
Glen Iris


"I was a little anxious about the process"

After loosing weight I had a real dilemma.  I'm forty something and for years I had bought a certain style and size to cover and disguise the body and couldn't break out of the old habits.  I turned to Cindy. Not knowing what to expect, I was a little anxious about the process.  Cindy was great.  Easy to talk to, professional yet not intimidating.

 Shopping with Cindy is like being out with a friend who is focused on you. Cindy's honesty and guidance is refreshing.  She is focused and helpful and stays on task so that you achieve the most from your shopping day.  I am so pleased that I went with the whole package.  I have changed my outlook, I dress with a new style and I feel fantastic proving that you don't have to look your age!

 A life-changing experience!


"From the bottom of my heart ...THANK YOU".

Hi Cindy,

Just wanted to let you know that I had the time of my life on Saturday. 

 I tell you, I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.. like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly...!

I never thought that I could enjoy shopping for clothes - I am now officially addicted..

I actually went back on Sunday to pick up my lay-by at Maggie T and even bought a pair of red shoes. 

I am contemplating buying blue shoes (to go with my blue top and white outfit - or to go with my black pants and blue top.  I am also thinking of getting green shoes to match my green tops.  Now that is a big change for someone who only wore black from head to toe forever and a day! 

I cannot thank you enough - you were fantastic, thank you for changing me with your firmness and honesty - it was what I needed.  You are an inspiration....

By the way, the family loved the choice of colours and outfits and are very happy to see me out of the black....

 From the bottom of my heart ...THANK YOU.

 Please stay in touch.. 




"Thank you Cindy for helping me make these changes"

Hello Cindy
Thank you for the follow up style guide, it is much appreciated.  I have taken your advice to heart and have made many styling improvements.
On arriving home I removed all the clothes from my wardrobe and hung all my new clothes in their place.  Then I sorted through my pre-existing clothes and removed all traces of the "granny" look.
My new hairstylist listened to the changes you recommended and styled my hair perfectly.  It is such a good hair cut that it still looks great after several weeks.
Next, I made changes to my makeup and have used Tash's recommendation which include applying lip gloss 'champagne wishes', concealer and translucent powder.  I always leave the house with my makeup fully applied.
My underwear was horrible, but not anymore as I have visited a professional lingerie outlet.  The assistant fitted me with the right sized bra.  Your recommendation regarding the control brief and full brief is excellent advice.
I have also slim lined all my shoes and have a small stylish leather hand bag for every day use.  
The best part of all these changes is the positive remarks family and friends have made about my hair and clothes.
Thank you Cindy for helping me make these changes.
Cheryl Goh

'I saw in the mirror the old me starting to come back'.

What a difference!!

I’m shorter than 5 foot and after growing from a tiny ‘extra small’ to a ‘medium/large’, I was struggling with my new shape. I thought I was doing the right thing wearing baggy clothes to cover all my new lumps, bumps and rolls.

I Looked and felt like a big, flowery frump. (Floaty tops are almost all covered in flower prints!)

I assumed my simple, stylish days were over.

Luckily I turned to Cindy for help.

Initially I just wanted someone to help find clothes that fit me. It’s very difficult being under 5 foot and very round. Finding clothes to fit had become a nightmare. I thought Cindy could help me with that.

But I was in for a surprise!

As I stood in the change room with the outfits she had chosen for me, I saw in the mirror the old me starting to come back. Instead of the frump, I saw the sassy, confident, slim woman staring back at me in the reflection!

Not only did Cindy find clothes that fit me, she taught me how to make myself look slimmer by wearing clothes that are more fitted (and lots of other secrets). By wearing all the baggy, flowery clothes I was only making myself look worse. With the techniques and tips Cindy taught me, I now know what to do to make the most of my new shape. She made me look like the real me again! Instead of hiding my body, I can make the most of it.

My shopping day with Cindy provided me with lots of great basics for my wardrobe. Now I have the knowledge to buy individual pieces to add to my new wardrobe. I have the confidence to choose clothes that compliment my new shape.

Having Cindy and her professional expertise helped me learn things I never could have worked out on my own. Believe me, it really is a science. The optical illusion she helped me create is amazing!

Hubby is absolutely thrilled to see the Old Me back. Not a flower print in sight!!

I’m glad I had the good sense to hire a professional before wasting loads of money on clothes that did nothing for me. With Cindy I spent the money on clothes that make me look and feel great!

Thanks for your help Cindy!

Katrine M


"You look to be glowing"

Hi Cindy,

You probably don't remember me (if you do it was probably for all the wrong reasons).

I was fortunate enough to have a Style Session with you at Highpoint during L'Oreal Fashion Week and the first comment you made to me was "You're wearing the wrong lipstick" and I had just bought 5 of them as they had been discontinued and I managed to find a Chemist that still had stock left.  Oh but how right you were, I still wear it occasionally but only as a base coat with another colour over the top.  

I put on lay-by at Cue the pants, top and short sleeved cardy to go over the top and the belt and I think I have worn the belt nearly every day since. My hair was layered and shaped to frame my face. 

I receive comments about how great it looks mainly from more discerning friends whose opinions I really appreciate.  A comment from a work colleague recently was "You look to be glowing" I think it was another hot flush but I accepted it as a compliment.  

I left it too late to get my size for the top you recommended at CR however I've acquired some pieces which I'm delighted with and am now wearing red with confidence, which I was led to believe I couldn't wear about 25 years ago!  So thanks Cindy for the notes and advice (balancing my shoulders with hips, layering, etc) and your honesty. I have embraced it and felt I had to tell you also.

Cheryl Turner. 



"I now feel like a hot classy looking yummy mummy"

Hi Cindy.

Georgina here. It has been two weeks since our day together and I can honestly say I have received a compliment every single day since from family, friends and all the mums at school/kinder. I am not used to this and it has done wonders for my self esteem and confidence.  

I so lacked confidence with my looks, body image and style. It was a terrific 40th birthday present. Since you have taught me the styles that fit me,  I now  have the confidence to shop on my own.

The little tricks of the trade have been most valuable. I now no longer feel like a boring, lifeless, (dare I say f-t)  housewife. I now feel like a hot classy looking yummy mummy. (By the way, my husband needs serious work - do you do men). Jokes aside, thank-you very much for everything.

I cant wait to do winter with you. 

Regards Georgina.

"My self-esteem is at an all time high"

Cindy is fantastic!   I was in desperate need for a new look and was feeling totally flat when I decided to contact her.  She opened my eyes to a new way of shopping in ways I would never have imagined.  Not only was she easygoing and fun, I felt like I was out shopping with a girlfriend.  Cindy has an amazing eye for what looks great on you.  Clothes I would never have considered wearing suddenly looked sensational once she had finished with me.  I highly recommend Cindy to anyone who is looking for a change, a self-esteem boost or just an updated wardrobe.  My self-esteem is at an all time high and my friends in total admiration for my new look.  Thank you Cindy! 

Laura T 

'I just didn’t know what looked good on me anymore'

I am a 38 year old mother of three young children (5, 4 and 2), and felt like I had fallen into ‘mummy mode’ – thinking only of the children and the family, and forgetting about myself.  I would go shopping and see nice things, but just didn’t know what looked good on me anymore, or what the trends were, etc.  I had a closet full of clothes that I no longer wore, and didn’t know how to put together the few stylish things I did have.  I then made an appointment with Style with Cindy, during one of her visits to Brisbane.

I thought the whole process was great, from our initial email correspondence to our wardrobe meeting and the best part – the shopping!  Cindy made me feel very comfortable the whole time, even the initial trying on of all my clothes in my wardrobe.  The process actually made me feel very comfortable in my choices in clothing – Cindy showed me that I just needed a little extra help to pull the outfits I had together, and how I could improve on my wardrobe in general.   She was also able to point out how I should wear my clothing to suit my shape, and even better – she gave me confidence in my shape!  It’s not so bad after all and I can look good in my clothes!   

The best part of the process was the actual shopping. I am not a keen shopper at the best of times, and Cindy made it so easy and fun.  The three hours went by so quickly.  I was able to get many of the ‘basics’ to get me started – clothing that I can mix and match and wear every day.  Cindy obviously listened to me during the wardrobe phase, and I was able to get many of the pieces I was really looking for – including my first ever knee-high boots! 

Friends are now commenting on my clothing and saying how great I look – some even asked if I had lost weight or something!  So overall, I am thrilled with the whole process and would call on Cindy’s services again – probably for the next season’s wardrobe!


Ann Eldridge


"If it weren't for Cindy's encouragement and follow up calls I might have slipped back into my old ways"

"Cindy provides a service that isn't just about buying clothes.  It's about finding the real you and making you shine. 

She listened closely to what I wanted and then gently and firmly helped me to let go the clothes that didn't suit me anymore.  Our shopping expedition was fantastic and it's only in the weeks since that I've realised how perfect the clothes and shoes she chose for me have been, despite my hesitance at the time. 

If it weren't for Cindy's encouragement and follow up calls I might have slipped back into my old ways, but she was there, continuing to guide me along. 

I thoroughly recommend Cindy's service for anyone wanting to express themselves more in the world".



I do feel more confident and professional and I know that I do look as if I have lost weight! 

Dear Cindy 

Thank you so much for helping me shine!  

My wardrobe was very limited, outdated and I didn’t feel good in most of my existing clothes when I engaged Cindy to help. The wardrobe experience was full-on and the 2 hours went by so quickly. With Cindy’s guidance and honesty, my wardrobe was soon very different and I started to realize what things actually suited me – regardless of the fact that my body is not quite the shape it used to be.

I was then ready to go shopping. What a fun few hours this was. It was here that I learned what to look for when shopping by myself and for the first time in a long time actually enjoyed the experience. As a result of Cindy’s help, I now honestly believe for the first time in a long time, that there are great clothes out there that were designed for me and that I look great in.  

The end result has not gone un-noticed. I have had so many positive comments – from family to friends, to colleagues. As one colleague put it “you look so much more confident and professional …. And have you lost weight as well?” The best part of this of course is that I do feel more confident and professional and I know that I do look as if I have lost weight! 

Thanks Cindy for a fantastic fun experience, your honesty and integrity. I am looking forward to a winter shopping expedition with you!

Warm Regards

Rosalie Griffiths
Urban Sensations
Real $mart property rejuvenations

'I managed with Cindy to purchase a whole new wardrobe (including shoes and accessories) in only just 4 hours'

I am a working mother with 2 children under 4, running 2 businesses, who doesn’t enjoy shopping and definitely didn’t have any time to go shopping for clothes.  My twice a year shopping spree would consist of buying everything for the season in one shop (who has time to browse) and my look was what I call “mumsy”, you know, € length denim pants with a polo shirt and a pair of slip on flat shoes, which I hated of course but didn’t have the time to do anything about it.  

I always dreamt of having a personal shopper and after a web search stumbled across Cindy’s website and booked her to help me purchase a whole new wardrobe on her visit to the Gold Coast in May this year. 

What I soon realised was that this is certainly not for the fainthearted!  

If you want somebody to be honest with you (but be prepared, as she is brutally honest!), has an eye for detail and knows what works and what doesn’t…..Cindy can do that, but make sure you get a good night sleep the night before as I would have never believed that a few hours shopping could be so exhausting (you don’t’ stop for air) and so much fun! 

Cindy helped me put together a look that certainly wasn’t “mumsy”, and one that I could work with without too much fuss.  She did push me out of my comfort zone and had me trying on items I never would have looked at on my own let alone buy and the results are fantastic, she even gave me advice on my hair and makeup to bring my new look up to date.

Apart from leaving the experience with a fantastic new wardrobe, the most invaluable thing to me was how I managed with Cindy to purchase a whole new wardrobe (including shoes and accessories) in only just 4 hours, it normally takes me that long to purchase just one dress and not having any spare time this was fantastic. 

I would recommend to anybody looking for a new look or if you are short on time and need help in putting together a wardrobe that works for you, to go for it, you just might have some fun! 

Thank you Cindy and I can’t wait for October so I can do it all over again!

Gold Coast

Your Session Was Just What I Needed To Break Down That Barrier That I Had.  I Might Even Turn Into a ‘Shopping Monster'

Hey there – how are you going? (remember me, - the Gold Coast ‘skirts-&-boots-no-go’ girl!!)?

Just want to update you on the latest developments!!!   

Thank you SOOOOO much for last Monday afternoon I really had fun and learnt so much.  I was thinking about it all week wondering how on earth I was going to start this process!  I wore my new black legging pants, belt and black Cue top to dinner on Thursday night, with my hair back behind my ears to test out on my friend (who I knew if I looked silly she would tell me!!)  And she absolutely loved it all!!! 

Then, I went shopping this morning and my god, what a difference!  Instead of wandering in and out in a manic haze, I saw so much that I liked and felt confident in what I was looking for.  I bought some pointy toe ankle boots, another pair of shoes, a creamy chunky crop cardigan thingy (similar to the Country Road one), four little ‘layer’ tops (black, white, brown and burnt orange) that can mix and match (like the black and white singlet type tops at Country Road), a brown suede jacket (not sure if you’d approve of that one but it looks great and is just what I wanted for winter) – they were all from Jeans West (is that a ‘Cindy-approved’ shop???!!  I walked straight past all the Cindy-not-approved shops like Suzanne Grae, Rockmans etc You would have been so proud!!).  

I even went into Cue and saw lots of nice things that I wouldn’t even have bothered looking at ‘BC’ (Before Cindy!!)!! 

I was so proud of myself!!  I might just have to send you a photo! 

Your session was just what I needed to break down that barrier that I had.  I might even turn into a ‘shopping monster’ – for me that’s more than shopping twice a year!! 

Thank you so much!  You’re wonderful!

Gold Coast

PS who knows – the next step might even be skirts and boots??!!

I got lots of compliments!

Hi Cindy

I got back from the big overseas trip last week and I just wanted to say an enormous thank-you for the amazing help you gave me in putting my wardrobe together. It all worked beautifully together and the choices were perfect! I felt great in all the clothes and because they worked so well together I managed to take less clothes than I normally would.

The outfits for the 50th party and the dinner were fantastic (I wore the Charlie Brown black jumper with silk sleeves in the evening) and I got lots of compliments! I thought you might like to see a few photos of me in my new clothes, with the great new hair cut and colour form Hair, Body and Soul who were also amazing!

I'm glad you got to meet my sister Nicky who is also raving about the results of her wardrobe clearout and shop. I was actually at Chadstone the day you were there with her buying another top from great is that shop! I am a bit better at choosing for myself now and have been helped so much by your advice. I am however looking forward to doing the Spring/Summer shop with you later in the year.

Thanks again

Gill Hunt 

'Since working with Cindy I have gained confidence'

Hi I'm Katrina a mother of three I have two boys 15 and 13 and a little girl who is two. I work part time as a registered nurse and my Husband is a principle at a small country town.

As most mothers I'm very busy and  fashion has never been a strong point of mine. I was unable to access a stylist in the town I live in so I looked up stylist on the internet and up popped Cindy's site.

She is great and worked with me on line for the six weeks. She showed me so many things and made me look at photo's of myself in my clothes most looked hideous. She showed me what to wear as I have a weight problem as well as a height problem.

I have had many compliments on what I'm wearing now and I am so pleased. Since working with Cindy I have gained confidence and I am now working on the weight she has so motivated me.

 luv ya Cindy.


'Cindy knows what she's doing and she made me feel comfortable very quickly'

"At first I was really sceptical about engaging the services of a personal stylist, I knew I needed help, but I wasn't sure what to expect.  It was really hard for me to step out of my comfort zone and admit that I had to change the way I shop and wear clothes.  The shopping was fantastic !

Cindy knows what she's doing and she made me feel comfortable very quickly.

One thing I really appreciated about Cindy was the fact that I wasn't persuaded to buy something if I didn't like.  If I was unsure about a particular item, Cindy would describe how it could be worn which really helped me visualise outfits.  Cindy also helped me transform my hair by assisting me in choosing a style etc. it looks fabulous !"

Linda K.

'There isn’t a person who couldn’t benefit from this process'

It is not always easy to accept that maybe your appearance has become stuck years behind or could be greatly improved on. It is even harder for those near and dear to risk life and limb to suggest help is required.

It needs a firm, friendly, objective hand from an outside expert to brave the situation. 

Cindy could not have been more helpful with sorting through the wardrobe, basic make-up and hairstyle advice to produce an overall updated look.

We followed that up with a fun day doing the shops to provide a basic wardrobe of stylish outfits that can be mixed, matched and built on.

There isn’t a person who couldn’t benefit from this process. 

Thanks, Cindy. 

Forest Hill

'Cindy you made the whole shopping experience enjoyable and fun'

Dear Cindy,


I just wanted to email you to thank you for your advice, help and guidance recently. I chose to contact you as I was wanting to do something just for myself. I was wanting to freshen up my wardrobe and add some new pieces .

I was very pleased that I decided to go through my clothes with you first as this not only helped you get an idea of my taste but it also gave me an opportunity to mix and match some of my clothes differently. 

It was also helpful to have you there as I would have found it difficult to let go of some of my clothes that I had not even worn for a long time - for sentimental reasons.  Cindy you made the whole shopping experience enjoyable and fun ! I appreciated your honesty and trusted your opinion. 

I have been enjoying choosing what to wear, and looking good in , each day.

Once again, many thanks and I look forward to your assistance in the future. 

(from Camberwell)


'Cindy helped me understand what suits my body type and my age'

I was introduced to Cindy recently and my wardrobe and I have never  looked better!

Before I met Cindy I would buy clothes that I liked but didn't buy clothes that would suit me or that could be integrated into my wardrobe.

Consequently I had some good pieces but few outfits that worked. It was extremely frustrating and I really didn't understand where I was going wrong.

Cindy helped me understand what suits my body type and my age so that when I do go shopping for clothes I know what to look for.

I don't have to buy a lot of clothes as long as they can be integrated and suit me!

Her patience, professionalism and warm sense of humor made our time together allot of fun. I still have much to learn about fashion but I now have Cindy!


Dear Cindy

I was always inspired by the wardrobe makeovers on television.

I realise now that it is how I feel when I am wearing the clothes that is all that matters. It was great to have you there for your experienced eye and moral support. You have given me confidence and understanding about how to buy clothes and what style and colours really suits me...

Thank you



My Style Journey

By Heidi McKinnon
(written for My Personal Fashion Stylist Magazine winter edition 2010)

Two years ago I decided to go in search of a personal stylist.

Shopping for clothes had gone from a favourite past time to a chore that usually ended in me feeling depressed about not finding anything I liked or anything that suited me. I’d always dreamt of having a personal stylist. However, I didn’t have the influential women in my life to explore the world of fashion and personal styling.

With a birthday coming up I decided to treat myself.

A Google search lead me to the “Style with Cindy” webpage and soon after reading all the positive and inspiring testimonials I posted an enquiry about booking a personal shopping experience with Cindy.  

The day finally came for my two hour ‘Define My Style’ shopping experience. I cannot explain what it felt like to be super excited and extremely nervous at the same time. I was excited to finally have my own personal stylist who would help me create my own image and at the same time I was nervous about how confronting the day could be and the possibility of having to step outside the comfort zone and try new things.

During the two hours with Cindy I experienced a wave of emotions. To name a few; there were tears of joy as I looked in the mirror at myself in one particular outfit overwhelmed with how confident I felt and in particular how well Cindy had hidden my most despised thighs.

I felt excited about the great purchases we had made and my new look. The two hours went by so quickly and I said goodbye feeling empowered, inspired and slightly overwhelmed by all the knowledge Cindy had shared with me.

After just two hours with Cindy I felt like she knew me so well and that I had a new shopping partner who was full of priceless knowledge, honesty and that I could trust.  

Two months after my first shop with Cindy I attended Cindy’s Personal Style Workshop. We had our colours done, a mini make-up tuition and learnt about the rules of fashion for all the different body shapes with a small group of women. This was a great day with lots of laughs and helped refreshed all the things Cindy had taught me on our first shop. 

I look forward to attending Cindy’s ‘What’s New Review Nights’ every season as these nights are great for finding inspiration, refreshing and expanding my knowledge and keeping up to date with the current trends.

Since my first shop mum has taken an interest in personal styling too and it is now a hobby we can share as mother and daughter on a regular basis including attending Cindy’s Review Nights together.  

I completed my second shop with Cindy earlier this year and it was just like spending the day with a great friend. The second shop was pure fun, no nerves and again I walked away feeling confident, inspired and motivated to keep building my wardrobe and creating my image.   

My greatest highlight so far on my journey with Cindy was the opportunity to be a model for the ‘Autumn/Winter 2010 What’s New Review Night’. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to model in a fashion parade with woman of all different body shapes and sizes. Cindy selected four outfits for me for the night, all which I felt I could wear confidently down the catwalk in front of over 200 woman. This was an entertaining night for all once we all got over our nerves and mastered the catwalk! 

I cannot thank Cindy enough for all her encouragement and inspiration over the last two years. Cindy you have turned my life around by giving me confidence, empowerment and given me back my love for shopping. I now have the confidence to share my knowledge with others especially my Mum who has come along way with her personal styling too. I look forward to sharing many more shopping experiences with who I like to consider a great friend and mentor.   


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