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Discover 5 Secrets To Dressing With Style for your body shape, age and complexion so you'll never have Another 'Nothing To Wear' Moment Again!

Do you dream of creating your own sense of style but are never sure where to start?

Our small group workshops will give you the confidence and skills to put your wardrobe together in a way that makes you feel look fabulous!

Hi, my name is Cindy Newstead and I am one of the early pioneers that bought personal fashion styling to the everyday person here in Australia.

Over the last 11 years I have personally carried out over 6,000 consultations empowering people with the knowledge of how to dress in styles and colours that suit their personality, body shape, complexion, lifestyle and age.


It's a life passion of mine to help as many people as possible that are lost and confused about their wardrobe and overall appearance.

The biggest thrill I get is when I receive emails from my clients telling me life changing stories after making simple changes to their wardrobe.

The amazing thing is that these stories that explain a variety of positives changes come from women that just days prior to working with me were confused about what to wear.

They got frustrated when dressing and found it hard to tell what looked good on themselves and had no idea on how to dress with a sense of style that complimented their body shape.

Equally as many expressed frustration and overwhelm when they shopped, many saying they actually hated shopping, it stressed them out and many times they would return home empty handed or impulse buy out of frustration and wasted money on clothes that they never end up wearing.

Many said they just had no idea about fashion or they had "style confusion" after their body shape had changed due to having children, getting older or health reasons.

Almost all said that they had lost confidence and had self image issues saying they had lost themselves, feelings of just being a mother and housewife and sadly many avoided going out as they were too embarrassed to leave their house, they desperately wanted to re-find themselves and be able to express it in the way they looked.

And finally, and as equally as big an issue as the last, they expressed their dislike of their body saying they hated either their stomach, their arms, their hips, their legs, their breasts, their ankles or all of the above and more.

The really exciting part is that they had no idea they could look so good once they learned how to dress for their body shape and “their bits” as many would call them.

Realise just how good you are and how amazing you can look in the correct style of clothes.

It is an amazing and humbling experience when I receive emails saying how the experience they have had has made them realise just how good they are and how amazing they can look in the right style of clothes and how it has increased their confidence as a women and allowed them to embrace their femininity.

They just didn’t appreciate that clothes could make them feel fantastic on the inside as well as the outside.

Their feeling of empowerment of the knowledge on how to dress for their body shape, age and colours and how to layer and accessorise bring on tears of joy in many cases.

Many say in their email how they are now more confident and less anxious around shopping and are able to walk into shops with this knowledge of what suits them best and confidentially identify and purchase clothes which they know the style and colour will make them look and feel fantastic.

Their wardrobe is now a haven and not a place of frustration as they have the right pieces so they can mix and match things and are able to easily put combinations together including accessories that look terrific every time without stress and wasting time.

I will individually assess your body shape and give you the tips and rules that apply to you so you can chose clothes confidently and efficiently that make you look slimmer, taller, enhances your shape and camouflage the bits you don’t like. 
This one day workshop will help you:-
  • Feel that your clothes bring out the real you. I will step you through a fun and engaging process where you will discover your individual style that represents your personality.
  • Create a wow look and bring your complexion alive, look slimmer and younger when you wear colours that suit your personal colouring. Once you are individually colour coded you will confidently identify your colours that suit you.
  • Feel confidant and at ease in your wardrobe choosing an outfit without frustration and stress. I will give you a step by step formula to carry out your own wardrobe audit that will give you a wardrobe that is easy to manage and maintain while supporting the new you.
  • Learn the 3 key principals to having a great hair style. If required I will give advice on a cut that suits your face shape, personality, age and the colour that combines perfectly with your complexion. 
  • Cut your shopping time down by half and lose the feeling of overwhelm. I will individually give you a list of shops that suit your style, body shape and age that you can target on you next visit to the shops.
  • Feel confidant that you are dressing not too young or too old. I discuss age appropriateness during each style element and when I individualise this information you will be clear on what is appropriate for you.
  • Revitalising an existing relationship.

Dear Cindy,


I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for all of the experience, knowledge and expertise you shared with our group on Saturday.


My partner sent me to your workshop as I had reached a point where I had no idea anymore what I liked or what suited me, and the frustration had on a recent shopping trip with him turned to tears. 


That very first exercise you had us do was my turning point, I was amazed that subconsciously I actually do know what my style is. I don’t intend to go against my grain anymore to conform to someone else’s perception of me.


I was also totally amazed to learn about colors.  I purchased my color palette from you on Saturday, went home, found some of my work outfits that fitted into my palette and today am wearing “my colors”.  I also used some of Lucia’s make-up tips today and I must say, I feel pretty fabulous.


Now, I am not one to usually judge what other people wear, probably as a result of not feeling put together correctly myself for a while, but on my way home from your workshop, I dropped in to pick up a DVD, and I found myself critiquing the women standing in front of me, picking her shape, in my mind telling her what she should be wearing!!!  Hilarious.


So a big thank you to you and your crew, I got so much out of the day and I simply cannot wait to hit the shops (and head to Michelle for a new do!).


Kind regards,


Cherie Swannell

Dear Cindy,

Both Ashleigh and I enjoyed the workshop and felt we learnt so much.  Now we begin to put our new found knowledge into practice.

On a personal note thank you for the time and effort you put into Ashleigh.  She is so much more than what you see and it was great witnessing her being inspired by yourself and the other participants in the workshop.  

To have such positive contributions voiced certainly helped lift some of the perceptions she had formed about herself.  She is very motivated to change and I have faith in her to achieve this.  I will not be suprised if once she has saved some money towards a new wardrobe that you will hear from her again.  

Already I have noticed a change in her self esteem and her presentation.  This was certainly the aim of the exercise. 


Therefore I am extremely grateful to you for your efforts and thank you from the bottom of my heart.



You don't have to live another day not liking the way you look and feel about yourself.

My hands on experience with over 6,000 style consultations has given me invaluable knowledge on how to truly help people that none of the training course I have completed during my career could ever teach me.

I have identified five elements that are the root of every women's style and dressing issues and have refined how to teach and empower my clients with this knowledge in a practical, quick and easy manner that can be simply implemented straight away.

This is one of the driving forces that has inspired me to create this program that empowers people with the knowledge on how to apply the five elements to them personally all in one day!

You don’t have to spend a fortune to look and feel a million dollars

Many of my clients have more money than they know what to do with but equally as many have to watch every penny, they scrimp and scrap to get together a small amount to spend on clothes.

If you have the money then it just makes it a little easier but for those that have a limited budget then throughout the day I will give simple tricks to achieving designer looks for next to nothing.

I have worked out great ways to do this and even appeared on channel 9’s ACA showing how to achieve a great look for less, click below to see the whole story.

Click Here To See Cindy On A Current Affair

I have also appeared on other TV shows, and regularly called on by the print media to give style advice and write articles. You can see more on my media page.    





Learning From A Book Can Be An Exercise In Frustration

I wish I had a dollar for every time a person has said to me that they have bought a book on body shape and could not work out where they fitted.

So why is this?

It is not uncommon at my workshops to have four or five inverted triangles but more times than not each one has different vertical proportions and body features and this then affects the rules of what is best for them as an inverted triangle.

Now just consider the number of combinations there are when you combine different horizontal and vertical proportions, then when you add differing body features like tummy, sway back, large or small breasts, tuck shop arms, varicose veins, thick or thin ankles etc. etc. you literally have hundreds of variations, but wait there’s still more to consider, when you bring age, personality and lifestyle into the picture this number multiplies further.

When most style and body shape books try to pigeon hole everyone onto 6 to 12 different categories you can now see why most people get confused.

I have designed this style workshop to side step all this guessing and confusion and get to the correct information, tips, tricks and rules that apply to you as an individual.

Defining your body shape is just the start and also the easy part

It is a simple process to identify your body shape, how to dress your body shape using certain cuts, fabrics and designs is where the real benefits show.

Many of the tips and tricks I have developed from over 6,000 consultations you will not find in any book, they are not even taught at Personal Stylist training courses. Be it slight variations to the standard rules and tips that you can get from any website or book or complete different view points, I have refined, created and developed guidelines, rules and tips from the thousands I have worked with and the hundreds of variations of body shapes that come from that.

Why Do I Do Style Workshops?

Styling people everyday, week after week, year after year has created a critical eye that I just cannot turn off, I can’t help walk down the street without finding myself critiquing the people around me, it’s ingrained, it’s now just an automatic thing I do.

The down side to this is I just want to go and help everyone I see that is doing something so small but it is destroying a look that could be fantastic. My workshops are a way of leveraging my time and knowledge to help as many people that I can to look there absolute best everyday.

Surprisingly affordable 

There are not many personal style workshops in the market and certainly none that offer a comprehensive program that equips you with personalised rules and knowledge on how to dress for your personality, body shape, colours and age all in just one day. 

I will guide you through a fun process where you will discover your own personal style, complete a full Body Shape analysis and receive individualised advice tips and rules for your shape, you will be individually colour coded into a colour group that suits your colouring. If required you will receive Hair colour & style advice.

Wardrobe management strategies will be discussed and along with a written step by step guide and your new found knowledge, you will simply and effectively carry out your own wardrobe audit and continue to maintain it so it becomes a haven of inspiration and not a hated room of frustration.


You will learn the shops that best suit you so that without stress and wasting time be able to walk into them with the knowledge to confidentially identify and purchase clothes which you know the style and colour will make you look and feel fantastic.

Our Next Inspiring Full Day Personal Style Workshop

11th August 2012 Melbourne 

18th August Gold Coast

 Cost $397 (reduce pricing for bookings of 2 or more people)

Half Day Style & Body Shape Workshop 
This is similar to the full day workshop but without the colour and wardrobe management section

25th August 2012 Melbourne

Cost $247 (reduce pricing for bookings of 2 or more people) 

For more information and to book, call 0407 851 584 today

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