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Vicki Davey


Before                                         After

Cindy - “What can I say”.......From the first moment you walked into my bedroom  some 3 years ago my shopping habits and clothing choices have changed  dramatically. 

I now wear clothes that are fashionable, suit my figure and importantly stylish. I   don’t waste money like I did all those years ago.......buying expensive labels  thinking that they suited me - yet laid dormant in my wardrobe gathering dust!

I now have a “ the foundations” of a fashion wardrobe, these days I tend to  purchase 1 or 2 season colors articles to “spruce” it up for the coming season.

Initially the first couple of shops were mmmm a little over the top......even to the  extent of the bank freezing my Credit Card - with an email “Please Explain”! I’m still  wearing these pieces and getting my true value for money.......

I’ve learnt what suits me and my body shape ........more importantly I’ve learnt to  work with my shape and not against it.

I loved being part of your annual fashion show earlier this year - what a “hoot”, we  all had! I personally learnt so much and as did the friends that I dragged along as  my moral support group. 

Just recently 2 “Cindy Converts” and an educated “Fashion show support friend ”  were sitting in a lovely restaurant and between the 3 of us picked to pieces all the  “fashion faux-pars” that happen to walk thru the doors. 

We have all learnt so much and I would like to say that I’m truly grateful and “Thank you” from 
the bottom of my wallet.

Warm regards
Vicky Davey

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