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Dr Lisa Germany


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I have never been a "clothes person" and have always hated shopping for clothes - mostly because I could never find anything that fit!  I wore jeans and t-shirts everywhere - including work - and finally decided that I needed some help. 

I contacted Cindy and she came to my rescue.  Going through my wardrobe, I learned that almost everything I owned was one or two sizes too big for me, and many of my "good" clothes made me look older than I was.  It was precisely the pieces that I thought I had "grown out of" that Cindy said I should be wearing - those that were tight fittiing and showed off my small waist!  

Once we'd cleared out almost everything in my wardrobe, it was time to refill it.  We'd arrive at a shop and Cindy would send me off to see what I could find while she did the same.  When we met at the changeroom a few minutes later, I might have been lucky to have found one piece - while Cindy would appear with armloads!  And even more incredibly - the majority of them looked amazing on me even though I would never have even thought to try them on!  Now this is my kind of clothes shopping!  

I ended up doing 2 shops with Cindy last year to build my complete wardrobe.  I now have a much better understanding of what size I am, what styles suit my body shape and, although I still refuse to look through racks of clothes, I do find myself checking out the store manniquens more and trying on (and buying!) pieces that I now recognise will suit me.   I still wear jeans on the weekend but team them up with nice fitted tops, and my wardrobe is filled with dresses and skirts which I absolutely love wearing. 

When I'm ready to refresh my wardrobe - I will be back to Cindy to help me!

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