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Therese Duffy

Before                                               After

 Vicki Davey

Before                                               After

Cindy - “What can I say”.......From the first moment you walked into my bedroom 
some 3 years ago my shopping habits and clothing choices have changed 
I now wear clothes that are fashionable, suit my figure and importantly stylish. I  
don’t waste money like I did all those years ago.......Read more

 Lorraine Bosua

Before                                               After  

 Hi Cindy,

Thank you so much for tonight - model number 2 had the best time. 

I have to compliment you on your choice of models - what a lovely bunch of women. 

Cindy you do so well, all of my guests (including 3 men) had a great time. When you replay tonight over in your head - congratulate yourself on a job well done. 

You made a 53 year old women feel beautiful and very special. 

Thanks again. 

Lorraine Bosua

Susan L'Hullier

 Before                                                         After

Susan L'Hullier's experience as a model at one of Cindy's Style Review Catwalk Shows

Tell me, what is the usual response when asked by Cindy to be a catwalk model in her famous Style Review? In head-to-toe Alannah Hill? Certainly not! Was my response followed by tears and a refusal. Hmm, I think I shocked Cindy as much as her request overwhelmed me.

Putting my name on Cindy’s list seemed a great idea at the time but when the reality of it coming true was presented to me I wasn’t even prepared for my response.

So many aspects of my life were in turmoil, and I was facing my fortieth birthday in a matter of weeks! I had never done anything like this before - up on stage, spotlight on - who was I kidding? .......  Read More...

Heidi McKinnon

Before                                          After

My Style Journey

Written by Heidi McKinnon for My Stylist Magazine winter edition 2010

Two years ago I decided to go in search of a personal stylist. Shopping for clothes had gone from a favourite past time to a chore that usually ended in me feeling depressed about not finding anything I liked or anything that suited me. I’d always dream't of having a personal stylist. However, I didn’t have the influential women in my life to explore the world of fashion and personal styling. With a birthday coming up I decided to treat myself.

 A Google search lead me to.....  

Dr Lisa Germany


Before                                         After

I have never been a "clothes person" and have always hated shopping for clothes - mostly because I could never find anything that fit!  I wore jeans and t-shirts everywhere - including work - and finally decided that I needed some help. 

I contacted Cindy and she came to my rescue.  Read More....

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