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Heidi McKinnon

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My Style Journey

Written by Heidi McKinnon for My Stylist Magazine winter edition 2010

Two years ago I decided to go in search of a personal stylist. Shopping for clothes had gone from a favourite past time to a chore that usually ended in me feeling depressed about not finding anything I liked or anything that suited me. I’d always dream't of having a personal stylist. However, I didn’t have the influential women in my life to explore the world of fashion and personal styling. With a birthday coming up I decided to treat myself.

A Google search lead me to the “Cinz” (Now Style with Cindy) webpage and soon after reading all the positive and inspiring testimonials I posted an enquiry about booking a personal shopping experience with Cindy.

The day finally came for my two hour ‘Define My Style’ shopping experience. I cannot explain what it felt like to be super excited and extremely nervous at the same time. I was excited to finally have my own personal stylist who would help me create my own image and at the same time I was nervous about how confronting the day could be and the possibility of having to step outside the comfort zone and try new things.

During the two hours with Cindy I experienced a wave of emotions. To name a few; there were tears of joy as I looked in the mirror at myself in one particular outfit overwhelmed with how confident I felt and in particular how well Cindy had hidden my most despised thighs.

I felt excited about the great purchases we had made and my new look. The two hours went by so quickly and I said goodbye feeling empowered, inspired and slightly overwhelmed by all the knowledge Cindy had shared with me.

After just two hours with Cindy I felt like she knew me so well and that I had a new shopping partner who was full of priceless knowledge, honesty and that I could trust.

Two months after my first shop with Cindy I attended Cindy’s Personal Style Workshop. We had our colours done, a mini make-up tuition and learnt about the rules of fashion for all the different body shapes with a small group of women. This was a great day with lots of laughs and helped refreshed all the things Cindy had taught me on our first shop.

I look forward to attending Cindy’s ‘What’s New Review Nights’ every season as these nights are great for finding inspiration, refreshing and expanding my knowledge and keeping up to date with the current trends.

Since my first shop mum has taken an interest in personal styling too and it is now a hobby we can share as mother and daughter on a regular basis including attending Cindy’s Review Nights together.

I completed my second shop with Cindy earlier this year and it was just like spending the day with a great friend. The second shop was pure fun, no nerves and again I walked away feeling confident, inspired and motivated to keep building my wardrobe and creating my image.

My greatest highlight so far on my journey with Cindy was the opportunity to be a model for the ‘Autumn/Winter 2010 What’s New Review Night’. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to model in a fashion parade with woman of all different body shapes and sizes. Cindy selected four outfits for me for the night, all which I felt I could wear confidently down the catwalk in front of over 200 woman. This was an entertaining night for all once we all got over our nerves and mastered the catwalk!

I cannot thank Cindy enough for all her encouragement and inspiration over the last two years. Cindy you have turned my life around by giving me confidence, empowerment and given me back my love for shopping. I now have the confidence to share my knowledge with others especially my Mum who has come along way with her personal styling too. I look forward to sharing many more shopping experiences with who I like to consider a great friend and mentor.

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