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A Personal Stylist Take On This Season's Colour Fashion Trends

Spring Racing is fast approaching so don’t forget to wear your sunglasses if you are off to the track. Expect to be swept into a sea of bright vibrant colours from all the women embracing this seasons trend. While this is going to be great for the viewer and the many photos and television coverage, it will come at the expense of people not looking their best and possibly appearing cheap rather than elegant which is the objective of style at the races.

Out of all the characteristics that contribute to making up a colour, bright is the most dominating.  This is why bights are used in safety clothing across many industries ensuring the person wearing it stands out against all other colours. This can help prevent accidents like being run over by a forklift or roadwork incidents. While this is great for safety, on a style note it may not be the best choice for looking your finest. If you don’t have a bright complexion, which includes bright coloured eyes, light or very blonde hair and clear skin, then wearing bright clothes could wash you out.  It can make you look tired and drawn or could have you come across as very plain and lost in your appearance.

As a personal stylist and image consultant I constantly remind and advise my clients that following trends can be dangerous and should be done with your own personal style and colouring as a first priority. Only integrate trends into your wardrobe if it suits your style and complexion. Generally, this is a simple thing to do, however, whenever brights are a dominating feature of a seasons fashion, shopping for your style can become more challenging. This is not the first time this has happened in Spring/Summer and won’t be the last, so it’s important to know some basic colour guidelines:

If you have very soft colouring, e.g. mousy hair or soft coloured eyes, this season will heavily challenge you with your wardrobe purchases. If you can, and most personal stylists that have colour training will agree, I would advise you to steer clear of this trend as there are many softer colour options available so be clever and selective rather than a trend follower. But I also understand if you love the trend and want to incorporate it so if you do be sure not to feature brights close to your face, it will only wash you out. Careful consideration should be taken on where to wear bright colours on your body as it will attract attention so only wear it on sections you are happy to highlight. So if you are carrying a bit of extra weight on your bottom or thigh area, be sure not to wear bright pants and if you have a slim waist, emphasise it using a bright belt!

If your colouring is a little more deeper and clearer, e.g. brown eyes and brown hair, then you can get away with a little more than those with soft colouring. The deeper brights will be a better choice for you but you will still need to be careful not to exhaust the trend. Whilst featuring brights close to your face may not wash you out like people with soft colouring, brights will still dominate your characteristics and demand the attention from those around you, so be thoughtful where you feature them on your body.

Another personal stylist tip is to make sure you choose warm or cool colours to match your own colouring because if this is clashing along with the brights, you could have a bold style disaster on your hands.

Age is also a large consideration when it comes to choosing bright colours. As we age our colouring softens and so should the clothing we wear. I have seen too many instances where mature ladies are looking like a beacon with their outfit wearing them and totally lost in their clothes – this is definitely not elegant.

(Read the full article on colour in My Stylist)

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