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Middleton Magic and Personal Stylists

It doesn't matter who you are, what you do or what walk of life you hail from, everybody needs help in the style department from time to time. Take Kate Middleton for example does one become the Duchess of Cambridge overnight? I think not it takes teams of puckers, waxers, personal stylists, hair dressers and other specialists and maybe even a few industrial sewing machines to get a royal celebrity image like hers up to scratch! 

You can hardly blame her thou, for enlisting such a grand army to spruce her up on her big day! I would too if two billion people were watching me on my wedding day. With the entire fan fair around the royal wedding it’s easy to feel like looking as good as she does is only for the seriously wealthy and elite.

However Miss. Middleton confounds us all by transcending her royal title and actually remaining a little true to herself. I say this because even thou she has all these resources at her disposal she still largely decides what to wear by herself with her trusty personal stylist of course, who is rumored to be the Deputy Editor and Chief of British Vogue.

This brings me to an important point, style is an innate thing. Some woman are effortlessly born with the ability to look sheik even while grocery shopping; Kate is one of these creatures. The rest of us need a little help in finding our path to grocery sheik or putting any outfit together for that matter.

The important point to understand is that you can have your own stylist experience that works for you. By taking the initiative to tailor make your own shopping experience with a personal stylist you get your own little parcel of sheik.  By learning what suits you, you begin to have a greater understanding of how your body shape needs to be clothed. You can then take this one step further and find clothes that suit your lifestyle that are both stylish and suitable.

Happy Shopping!

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