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The Pros and Cons of Shopping On-Line

Like anything in life shopping on-line has its pros and cons. I was inspired to go on-line to celebrate the up-coming spring racing carnival by putting together a pictorial of lots of pretty frocks and accessories from different sites for our personal stylist magazine My Stylist. I did this bearing in mind that we all have different budgets, and because we are asked so often by our clients what we think of the whole on-line caper.

One thing occurred to me very quickly; the bargains to be had were fantastic, the simplicity with which I was able to shop, the fact that I could do it whilst in my pj’s, and the appeal of shopping without additional little people and husbands can be very inspiring! In addition to obviously being thrilled by the ability to shop 24/7, at home, listening to whatever music I like [Not the stuff they have thumping through some stores]. I was also confronted with the pitfalls of on-line shopping even with their fast, no queue checkout service!

The most notable glitch for me was that I couldn’t touch or try on the item. I was loving all the shiny images but really what was the fabric actually made from? And what are the actual care instructions? And if the item is tailored will it actually fit me, when it arrives? This then catapulted me into another mode of thought, if the item isn’t right what’s the turnaround time on the refund? This then brought me to wondering what the on-line stores policy is around these concerns I had as I didn’t have the time to read the fine print.

I also think it goes one step further for Cinz - personal stylist clients… By this I mean you have all tried on a particular item in a store that is meant to tick all the boxes for your body shape but just hasn’t worked! That V neck dress just wasn’t quite right for your hourglass figure and you only know this because you’ve tried it on and promptly marched back into the change room. A little harder to reach this conclusion whilst shopping on-line.

In short I was a little hot and bothered about it all. I figured the best way to help you through the wilderness of on-line shopping was to come up with a checklist of questions and things you should remember to help minimise wrong purchases.

  1. Don’t be indecisive about purchasing on-line it is a solitary activity and you should trust your instincts.
  2. Only shop on sites that are reputable with credit card security measures in place.
  3. Understand all costs associated with your purchase and the company’s contact details.
  4. Keep records of all transactions made.
  5. Fashion accessories such as bags, shoes, belts, jewellery, scarfs, and sunglasses are the safest, most economical on-line shopping items you can purchase.
  6. If you visit a particular site and are looking to purchase clothing check if they have a stockist you can visit to get an idea of size and fit to help you make the best purchase decision.
  7. Take the time to input your measurements so you know what size you are, overseas websites have different classifications for clothing sizing.
  8. Looser fitting styles will always be easier to fit accurately than tailored styles so this can sometimes be a good place to start and a good way to familiarise yourself with a brand.

And remember to have fun. Happy shopping!!

(Read the full this personal stylist article in My Stylist including four outfits from different online shops)

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