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Cindy Newstead, one of Australia's leading personal stylists and also known as one of the early pioneers to bring personal fashion styling to the everyday person here in Australia, shares the knowledge she has gained from over 6,000 personal styling consultations. She is conducting certification courses on how to not only be a stylist, but how to be highly successful in an industry that can have many challenges.

Imagine getting paid to help people look great and feel fantastic! Personal stylists are no longer just for celebrities, there is a high market demand for experienced, well-trained fashion stylists Australia wide. From the corporate realm, to TV, magazine editorial, runway styling and your everyday personal consumer seeking expert style advice.

This powerful trend means that now is the perfect opportunity for you to start your career in personal fashion styling.

However, there is one thing that you must consider. Now that there is more people looking for personal stylists, more stylists have moved into the industry which equates to increasing competition in this growing sector and only those stylists with quality knowledge and service will thrive.

The bar has risen and quality training is crucial if you wish to be a successful personal stylist. 

If you want to be the best then learn from the best in the business.


Your dream job can be a reality when you learn how to become a stylist from one of the best in the business.

Cindy Walks The Talk

Cindy is a director of a highly successful personal styling consultancy where she still actively consults one on one with 10 to 12 people a week carrying out wardrobe edits, personal shopping, body shape analysis, colour etc. She also holds workshops for both personal and corporate clients, speaks at large events and conducts runway shows, this means that you get access to the knowledge from someone that actually walks the talk successfully everyday.

Successful Training 

Cindy first started training stylists to work in her business over 6 years ago, as proof of the quality of Cindy’s training system and skills, Danai who was first trained by Cindy over 3 years ago has now been working as a stylist with Cinz since, during this time there has not been one unhappy client, in fact the opposite happens with emails of thanks praising Danai for her skills, care and eye for creating just the right look to suit that person.

I signed myself up for Cinz’s Personal Stylist Course, not to be a Personal Stylist but to help me in my job as General Manager of an IT business.  My task every day is to get the best out of all staff so that we can deliver the best support to our clients.  I am constantly challenging myself to learn as much as I can about people, why do we - do; say; react; wear; repeat behaviour??  

I learned so much more in the 3 days than I ever expected to, including a lot about myself and what I can do when I am so far out of my comfort zone.   

Cindy’s passion for what she does is infectious and you can’t help but get caught up in that passion.   For me the course was incredibly valuable and I would highly recommend it to anyone, regardless of what your future plans are.  What you will learn about yourself may just surprise you!

Jeni Clift

DWM Solutions 

What is a personal fashion stylist?

The word stylist can cover many specialities including food styling, visual merchandising, theatre and TV styling, hair, makeup, catwalk, magazine and photo styling. An image consultant can provide an even broader range of services including body language, public speaking and communication skills, personal and business etiquette, colour analysis as well as style and dress. As you can see there is a wide range of skill sets so most stylists and image consultants tend to specialise in one, two or three particular areas.


Essentially, a personal fashion stylist specialises in assisting people to look and feel fantastic about themselves. They do this by showing people how to dress and present themselves in a way that reflects their personality, clothes that suit their body shape, age and lifestyle and colours that complement their complexion. This is what this course is all about. You will gain the skills to help people of all shapes and sizes and different walks in life and to do it extremely well.

This course is not another correspondence course and it is not filled with exhausting literature where you will get minimal support - it is customised hands-on style coaching. Particularly when learning something new and where your job will be mostly practical, this type of learning is invaluable. 




The CINZ course has been designed to enable you to succeed in a personal fashion styling career with a combination of theory and hands-on experience. 

What you will learn:

  • How to create a clothing personality for your client.
  • How to define body shape, body features and body proportions.
  • Learn professional industry secrets on dressing all body shapes and sizes.
  • How to choose the correct colours to suit your client.
  • Age appropriate dressing.
  • Trend research
  • Fabric textures and choosing the right fabric for your client.
  • How to use accessories for all situations.
  • How to Layer.
  • Step by step process on how to carry out a Wardrobe Consultation.
  • Step by step process on the most efficient way to shop with your client.
  • Image and self esteem
  • The client and stylist relationship.
  • Communicating with your client.
  • How to start your business from scratch.
  • Creating an online presence.
  • The importance of building relationships with retailers.

Once you learn the skills to be a highly knowledgeable personal stylist, how will you then secure clients? How do you run a business?

We don’t just leave you with the skills and knowledge on how to become a stylist, this course also includes how to setup your styling business along with cutting edge direct marketing and social media advice that will give you the edge to succeed.

Course Benefits

  • Learning from a successful industry leader, personal stylist, Cindy Newstead
  • 65% of the course is hands-on experience with some of it in actual retail stores.
  • Small groups so you get maximum attention.
  • After course support when required to help get you started.
  • Certificate to certify you have completed the course.
  • Training manual
  • 3 months Free access to Cinz Stylist support forum where you can join discussions, ask questions and network with other stylists.
  • 3 months Free access to Cinz monthly 1 hour stylist group online call where Cindy discusses with the group issues and ideas that are relevant to help you as a stylist to be successful. Cindy also takes questions from the group. This is an extremely valuable one hour that will continually benefit you and your new business.

Cinz – Learn How To Become A Stylist

3 Day Certification Course 
Course Dates:

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Attendees receive 3 month free bronze stylist membership (access to the stylist only forum and monthly 1 hour group conference call with Cindy)

Advanced stylist 2 day training (must have completed certification course or equivalent) 

For more details and how to apply for this hands on course ring 0407 851 584 or enquire here

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