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Seasonal Fashion Trends
Autunm 2011 (To see the full fashion trends article with pictures go to our online magazine My Stylist )

This season’s fashion trends, as with every new fashion season, magazines splash across their covers and pages the latest on trend styles featuring models, that let’s face it, look fantastic!

However, as women we need to understand how to select a trend that is suitable and make it your own. What not to wear is equally as important as knowing what to wear! That’s why it’s really imperative to learn to look at what’s in fashion objectively and make it work for you.

Beige, red and animal print...(in moderation please)

The colours are predominantly deep and warm, fantastic if you’ve had your colour styling done and are in a warm colour group! (Lucky you!)

Beige is the biggest surprise colour, it looks great worked back with strong accents of navy, plum, black and brick tones.

If you can’t wear this against your face, use it on the lower half in trousers or a skirt, bag or shoe.

Animal print – Where do I begin, it’s everywhere and although personally I only own a scarf and wrist cuff, I am loving it big time. However, moderation is a must with this. Just do either a shoe, a belt, a bag, a dress, a shirt, a scarf, please don’t be tempted to double up!

High waisted pencil skirts with thick belts to accentuate the waist

A hard style to do if you have a large bust or you are short waisted so beware. Wide waist belts are still here, patent and animal print are strong. A wide belt can sometimes tuck a tummy away or can accentuate it. Thin belts are also quite a hit, these can set off a pair of trousers and finish off a look. I always recommend you buy quality in your belts as these are a feature! For some great good quality belts try Cue, Veronika Maine, Mouche, Country Road and Jigsaw.

Zippers and embellishments on jackets and pants

Wow this can look fantastic and add immediate edge to a look. Zippers in the back and front of dresses are also great to add a visual vertical line down the torso.

Dresses with shoulder pads and pinch pleating

I know what you are thinking, shoulder pads eek! If you are broad shouldered make sure your dress is balanced somewhere on the hips, some dresses have a peplum kick at the waist, this can sometimes work. Pinch pleating through the tummy is a fantastic detraction from a belly, loving this look as this is my issue.  You will find this in dresses and skirts, go for it, it really does work.

Wedge and platform boots

Love or hate wedges they are here this winter in a really big way! Quite frankly, some of them are just ugly and over done, let’s blame this trend on Posh. If you buy cheap, you will look cheap, even in your shoes. Platforms are soooo comfy, if you choose well, as are wedges. If you know you are going to be on your feet for hours, a wedge is a great option, for me- price is not the issue, it comes down to quality, comfort and of course, Style!

Long winter jackets and trenches with a military feel

This look is so cool! A bit like animal print so don’t go OTT! Beware of double breasted jackets if you are broad shouldered or large in the bust as this will just overwhelm you.

(See the full fashion trends article with pictures go to our online magazine My Stylist)

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