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Cinz Mineral Eyeshadow

Cinz naturally nourishing liquid foundation hydrates the skin while providing a smooth and radiant finish that lasts. Boasting a range of organic natural antioxidants, oils and minerals, it’s the perfect moisturising base for everyday use.
A revolution in skincare, Cinz Mineral Foundation Powder acts as a powder, foundation and concealer. Suitable for all skin types, Cinz pure and gentle natural foundation formula gives full even coverage and a fresh, youthful vitality to the face.
Achieve an even skin tone and say goodbye to blemishes, pigmentation and dark circles. Cinz Mineral Concealer has a light natural base with certified organic jojoba and shea butter. Whichever tone you choose, the smooth texture blends easily for maximum coverage and confidence.
Ideal for highlighting the brow bone, cheeks or entire face, our groundbreaking natural Illuminating Crème enhances the complexion and gives a fresh and natural glow. The perfect complement to our popular bronzer and blusher, why not accentuate your best features?
Free from fillers, preservatives and chemical dyes, you’ll love the natural, rich earthy tones of Cinz Mineral Blush. With super soft texture and a rich pigment, this blush gives a warm, healthy and long-lasting glow for every occasion.
For a natural sun-kissed glow, Cinz Mineral Bronzer gives an even and illuminating tone and can be used over foundation or moisturiser. Achieve phenomenal results as a contour for facial features and décolletage.
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