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Botticelli or Body Shape?

An article by Letitia Rowlands featured in the Daily Telegraph reported that “women’s body shapes be called Da Vinci, Rembrandt or Rubens” has sparked quite a controversy around many office water coolers over the last couple of weeks. Especially our water cooler!

The uproar had come about because ‘The Shape Report’ a study commissioned by Triumph Lingerie into how women feel about their bodies being compared to fruit has had some interesting statistics and conclusions drawn. This all comes in the face of mounting pressure from health professionals to address the ways in which the female form is described. “Health experts are calling for an end to the labelling of bodies as apples and pears saying it dehumanises women and puts pressure on young girls to look a certain way.”[Rowlands, p1 2011]

This got us thinking about how we feel about our own bodies being categorised and how we tell our clients which category their body shape fits into.

The report recommends, “the female form be referred by six new categories based on the work of iconic artists.” [Rowlands pg 1 2011]  This is of great interest to us, most notably because they have still attributed particular body types to fit a specific “artist” category. Essentially they are choosing to sugar coat the female form into categories such as, the Da Vinci, which is a full bust and bottom, otherwise known as the hourglass. They have done this in an effort to make women feel more comfortable and steer away from the negative connotations that come with particular body shapes.

After much consideration we decided that women, especially the women that we deal with like to get the facts about their body shape accurately and honestly. The sole reason for hiring a personal stylist is so that we can help you put your best foot forward. If you want to dress for success you have to know what your most positive attributes are, and how to play them up. And, understand that it is equally important to feel as confident as possible about the attributes that we don’t like about ourselves. Now that’s empowering for women!

[Article references news item from the Daily Telegraph “Report Says Women’s Body Shape Be Called Da Vinci, Rembrandt or Rubens” by Letitia Rowlands]  

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