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The Importance of Continued Development of your Style

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I have done a few repeat shops lately with clients who are dressing almost identically to how I dressed them a year or more earlier. This made me realise that I must not be emphasising the importance to keep re-inventing your style.

One client had built a wardrobe around what I had originally created with her almost two years prior. She didn’t realise it but it was affecting the way she was feeling about herself and caused her to fall into a style rut all because she did not keep evolving her style.

To help achieve a healthy attitude about yourself it’s important to understand how to dress for your body shape. While this is a critical part of loving the way you look, it is also just as important to feel comfortable in the style of clothes you choose to represent yourself to the world.

The difference between the two is that one is based on a simple set of rules that flatter your figure and does not change unless your body shape changes making it easy to recognise when a change is needed. The other is subjective because it is based on your personality and created from your feelings of who you are. As we keep changing personally, so too must we keep changing our style. This is harder to pickup on, however, a few signals could be the feeling of being stale or just a little flat.

This week when I shopped with my client who was feeling down on herself, we did a big move away from what she was currently doing! The result was amazing, as she watched the transformation from her old look, depression was quickly replaced by excitement and her passion for style re-ignited.

Going stale or falling into a style rut is a big risk if you keep doing the exact same thing season after season. Try not to get complacent.  Mix it up, look at magazines, experiment by trying new things, new shops, maybe even have a regular shop with Danai or myself either seasonally or once a year, but whatever you do, just don’t get caught doing the same thing year after year. 

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